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Sprint Booster

What is the Sprint Booster?

Since 2000 most automobile manufacturers have replaced conventional throttle cable technology with an Electronic Control Module (otherwise known as Drive By Wire) that translates pedal travel into electronic signals to the engine.  Whereas this is efficient (and less expensive than a throttle linkage), it results in a side-effect of delayed throttle response and a sense of delayed acceleration.  The ECM understands throttle position but it isn't as efficient at seeing throttle pedal movement.

The Sprint Booster's proprietary technology resolves these problems associated with Drive By Wire systems.


How Does It Work?

Very simply, the Sprint Booster connects to the accelerator pedal connector.  All you have to do is disconnect the OEM connector from the accelerator pedal and install the Sprint Booster in between the pedal and the OEM connector.  The Sprint Booster is now available with a controller to permit instant adjustments between Stock, Stage 1 and Stage 2 performance.


Do I have To Cut Any Wires?

No; the Sprint Booster installs between the accelerator pedal and the OEM connector to the engine.


Is It Guaranteed?

Yes, it has a three year warranty.


Is It Difficult To Install?

No.  You disconnect the OEM connector to the throttle pedal and snap in the Sprint Booster.


Does the Sprint Booster Affect Anything Else in My Car?

No.  On a continuous basis the Sprint Booster simply measures and converts the digital signal from the electronic throttle, and provides the ECM with a more accurate signal.


What Kind of Performance Gains Can I Expect?

  • At low revs, the engine responds in approximately half the time compared to when the Sprint Booster wasn't installed
  • The throttle response is improved when downshifting
  • The acceleration delay is negligible when accelerating in 3rd and 4th gears