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ACT EVO 8/9 5-Spd Only Mod Twin HD Race Kit Sprung Hub Torque Cap 895ft/lbs Not For Street Use

"Excellence in Performance", backed by the best one-year warranty in the industry!
  • Predictable aggressive engagement, light pedal effort, smooth shifting, possible start-off judder with OE to mild transmission gear noise
  • Forged Aluminum Cover, Mono-drive hub, exclusive diaphragm, premium friction materials, and hardened wear points ensure this long-life twin performs and survives under the most demanding conditions
  • Delivers maximum performance and high heat tolerance by combining robust design, strategic features, choice materials, and close tolerances
  • Drag, Road, or Rally Racing
  • Applying tactical engineering to the MOD-TWIN, ACT presents unique solutions to common tradeoffs found on twin disc clutches, resulting in an ultra-durable, customer serviceable, long-lasting clutch with very high torque capacity. All are 100% clamp load tested, balanced and SFI certified
  • MPN: T1R-M01
  • Manufactured by: ACT
  • Units per SKU: 1

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